The following is a list of writings available from Pho Monastery Press. To obtain a copy of any of the following, please send a self adressed stamped envelope. The total nuimber of pages of each publication is included so you may better judge the necessary amount of postage for your area.

"A Guide to the Reluctant Spirit" by Ven. Farsippa (14 pp.)

"Life of Harmony and Music" by Ven. Ajakitei (53 pp.)

"Vunerability of Self" by Ven. Vedrinku (11 pp.)

"Is This My Stop?" by Ven. Oileilei (21 pp.)

"No One Answered, It Was Only An Echo" by Ven. Randukka (33 pp.)

"Simple Truths, Simple Lies" by Ven. Ignaxilit (37 pp.)

"Imagine Your Soul" by Ven. Tsesaani (22 pp.)

"Many Days, Many Prayers" by Ven. Eustavinna (36 pp.)

"Onto Glory" by Ven. Mhubantiska (36 pp.)

"Now and Forever" by Ven. Oileilei (23 pp.)

"This Kingdom Mine" by Ven. Navjhanngha(51 pp.)

"Heart of Fire, Heart of Gold" by Ven. Kushnavei(12 pp.)

"Engaged Dialogues of Vishna" by Ven. Citterru(18 pp.)

"Only When I Know" by Ven. Ajakitei (14 pp.)

"Denouncing Evil" by Ven. Randukka (14 pp.)

"Once and Future Truth" by Ven. Tsesaani (38 pp.)

"Realizing Your One Self" by Ven.Onnughuan (15 pp.)

"Eternity's Neighbor" by Ven.Onnughuan (25 pp.)

"!Exclaim the Joyfulness!" by Ven.Navjhanngha (29 pp.)

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