We will not find the picture of truth as a glittering whole. Instead we see but one tile of the mosaic up close and then slowly take a step back.

- Ancient proverbs of the Tagasi Ja Nad

Are you looking for something? Do you even know what it is? Are you in need of guidance when it comes to finding your own path? The teachers of Pho Monastery may act as your shepherds. The experience gathered from a retreat can change your spiritual outlook as well as your inner vision. Join us and share in the joyfulness.

The following is a schedule of retreats:

Date: Duration: Topical Theme: Teacher: Status: Level:
April 2-4 3 days Total Rebirth Ajahn Puskitah Closed Beginner
April 25-30 6 days Heightened Impressions Ajahn Eakinni Wait List Advanced
May 15-19 5 days Emotional Temperance Ajahn Anaba Open Intermediate
May 28-30 3 days Meditation Enrichment Ajahn Nanceni Wait List Beginner
June 14-22 9 days Overcoming Sameness Ajahn Ujirra Wait List Advanced
June 26-28 3 days Natural Atonement Ajahn Tumbho Closed Beginner
July 3-6 4 days Knowing Nothing Ajahn Bahnbeni Open Intermediate
July 17-26 10 days Self Denial Ajahn Ujirra Closed Intermediate
Aug 1-30 30 days Free Will Ajahn Dusseni Open Advanced
Sept 7-12 5 days Adversity Illuminated Ajahn Dusseni Wait List Intermediate
Oct 11-13 3 days Vinaya Concepts Ajahn Havinku Closed Beginner
Oct 21-28 8 days One Heaven Ajahn Anaba Closed Advanced


Arrival Time: Between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM
Departure Time: Between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM
Meal Times:* Between 6:00PM and 7:30 PM on Arrival Day
Breakfast, 6:30 AM
Lunch, 11:00 AM
Accommodations: Each participant will share a double room in the Residence Hall.

* - From the teachings of Vinaya, there will only be two meals served each day, the latter of which will end before the noon time hour. Food will not be available after this noon time hour except on Arrival Day. If you have special dietary needs, please contact the retreat coordinators several weeks before the retreat begins and we will make every attempt to be accommodating.

Typical Day:

Time: Activity: Where:
5:00 Wake-up Gong Residence Hall
5:30 Self meditation Sanctus Terras
6:30 Breakfast Vipassana Room
8:00 Group Meditation Philus Chamber
10:00 Group Chant Chatti Abbey, Lower Level
11:00 Lunch Vipassana Room
12:00 Rest and Ablutions Residence Hall
2:00 Lecture Spartus Hall
5:00 Rejoicing Ordinal
7:00 Group Discussion* Philus Chamber
8:00 Final Meditation Philus Chamber West
9:00 Rest Residence Hall

* - Tea or Broth will be served

Rules of Conduct:

· Novitiates are asked not to speak directly with each other. Question should always be directed to the attending Ajahn. When appropriate, the Ajahn will decide if others should be brought into the discussion.

· There is to be no running on the Monastery grounds. Novitiates are reminded to walk at an appropriate pace and always with proper posture. If you are a person of special physical needs, please contact the retreat coordinators several weeks before the retreat begins and we will make every attempt to be accommodating.

· Respect is to be given to all Ajahn as well as the other retreat participants. No abusive language is tolerated.

· Promptness is expected at all activities.

· Shoes are never to be worn indoors. Thick socks (see below) are recommended for all activities. Sandals may be worn outdoors on days of inclement weather.

· Phone calls are not permitted except in case of emergency. Absolutely no cell phones or other electronic devices are permitted.

· Jewelry, money, makeup and watches are all discouraged. Your travel money and tickets should be left with the front desk at Check In and will be returned on your Departure Day.

· Tight fitting and immodest garments are inappropriate. Woman and men should wear loose fitting clothing including pants and sweaters. Dresses, skirts, shorts and T-shirts are not permitted.

· No sexual contact is permitted.

· What to bring:

     One towel
     Bed linens (blankets and pillows will be provided)
     Personal toiletries (toothbrush, razor, etc.)
      Several changes of loose fitting clothing
     Several pairs of extra thick socks
     One pair of sandals
     Blank pad of paper, pencil

· What not to bring:

     Food. All meals will be provided
     Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs
     Electronic devices
     Material comfort items such as cameras, make-up, hot water bottles, radios etc.
     Reading material other than Pho Monastery Publications

Cost of Retreat:

There is no cost to attend any retreat. And from the teachings of Vinaya, no monk will ever ask for payment for anything. As such, each event is made available free of charge. Note however that the cost to the monastery for hosting these retreats is estimated to be $24 per person per day. You are certainly welcome to make a donation to help us defray these costs. Please see the SUPPORT section of our website for more information.

At the end of each retreat, an opportunity will be made available for anonymous donations to be made. It is in no way mandatory that you donate anything. But again, your help in allowing us to continue offering these retreats and other activities to the public is greatly appreciated.

How to Reserve a Place at a Retreat:

All retreats are on a first come, first served basis. If you see a retreat that you would like to attend from the schedule above, write to us at:

Please note the current status of each retreat. Open means that requests for attendance are still being taken. Wait List means that the retreat is fully booked, but your name will be placed on a Wait List in the event that a registered participant is no longer able to attend. Closed means that there are already many names on the Wait List and no more names will be considered.

Also note that there are recommended levels of experience for each retreat. Beginner is open to all adults over the age of 18. (Attendance by children over the age of 14 may be considered. Please write to us for more information.) Intermediate is open to all people who have attended at least 3 Beginner retreats within the past 5 years. Advanced is open to those retreat participants who possess a special letter of attendance from Ajahn Vajirra - usually given after attendance at 10 Intermediate retreats and a special sitting with Ajahn Vajirra.

You will receive email confirmation of your retreat request within a few days. And you will receive more detailed instructions about your particular retreat in the weeks leading up to the event.

If for any reason your plans change, please let us know immediately as there is usually a wait list of eager participants for each retreat.

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