History Of Donations
For the past 3000 years, monastic life has depended on the generous donations of the lay community. In fact, monastic tradition dictates that monks are to be viskada [renunciants or people of self restraint] but not viskati [total recluses or people of self denial]. To this end, Vinaya [ the Guidelines] have be set in place to ensure the former and not the latter. By making the monks entirely dependent on the lay community for food and supplies, it forces the monks to interact with the surrounding people and forges a Theesimu [spiritual connection ] between the two. And this Theesimu can have benefits not only to the monks for their survival and continuity, but to the community at large as they are invited to experience up close the spirituality, joy and peace which surrounds the monastic rituals.

How To Make A Donation
If you would like to make a donation to the monks, food or otherwise, please bear in mind that the monks cannot ask directly for anything, as this goes against the teachings of the Vinaya . Instead, a Trustee has been appointed on behalf of the monks who can better aid you in understanding what is needed.

To contact the Trustee, please write to:

Thank you always for your support.

"Thine heart, enriching lives of need,
illuminating our unending search.
Magnolia offerings, noble keeper! "

- Blessing of Ajahn Vishuverheer

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